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RAGEPATH Overview of Llrena v Trump

In 1998, Trump was sued for breach of contract along with a number of public officials by a Texas woman. The case was dismissed by the presiding judge because the plaintiff failed to provide any evidence supporting her allegations. The judge also noted the plaintiff provided no court with evidence that she lived within the court's jurisdiction.

Case Summary

United States Western District of Texas


Llrena, et al. v Trump, et al.

Date Filed: 3/16/98

Date Terminated: 5/14/98

Cause: Breach of Contract

Plaintiffs: Mrs. Lourdes Llarena

Defendants: Donald Trump; Michael Chertoff; George Bush, Jr.; George Bush, Sr.; Jerry Landa; Alphonse D’Amato; Phil Gramm; Roger Bernstein

Order that the plaintiff file a statement with the Clerk of the Court, within 30 days of the date of this order, in which she will provide support for her allegations against the above named defendants... Plaintiff should also identify any reason why she has chosen to bring her suit in the Western District of Texas and not in Florida or Dallas, Texas, where apparently resides and/or maintains a post office box...(xc 3.19.98) (mh) (Entered: 03/19/1998)