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RAGEPATH Overview of US Govt v Obama

In June of 2016, a group of Texas plaintiffs sought to sue Donald Trump and various public officials on behalf of the US Government for "Impeachment-Forfeiture" related to "7+ years of Obama-Biden Imperial Administrations." The case was dismissed by the court.

Case Summary

United States Southern District of Texas


United States Govt. et al. v Obama, et al.

Date Filed: 6/9/16

Date Terminated: 9/19/16

Cause: Conspiracy Against Citizen Rights

Plaintiffs: United States Government (via The Comity-Government of Democracy of/by/for We the People); Jus Hetero Generational-Propagational Posterity-Citizenships; Texas and 26-States of Union; James Aggrey-Kweggyir Arunga; Doreen H Lee

Defendants: Barack Hussein Obama; Joseph "Joe" Biden; S. Breyer; R. B. Ginsburg; E. Kagan; A. M. Kennedy; American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) / Lynch & Gupta; Bagnio of LgbtHomosexual State-Clan; C. Colvin; Donald Trump

“21st Century Impeachment-Forfeiture Class Action Lawsuit Against Barack Hussein Obama, Joseph "Joe" Robinette Biden & Against 7+Years of Obama-Biden Imperial Administrations against All Defendants (Filing fee $ 400) filed by United States Government, Jus Hetero Generational-Propagational Posterity-Citizenships, Texas and 26-States of Union, James Aggrey-Kweggyir Arunga, Doreen H Lee.”