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RAGEPATH Overview of Hooker v FEC

Trump was named as a defendant in a 1999 lawsuit against the FEC and various political candidates seeking to enforce compliance of certain laws and regulations. Trump was dismissed from the case without prejudice, presumably because he never officially declared a candidacy during his 2000 presidential bid.

Case Summary

United States Middle District of Tennessee


Hooker v Federal Election Commission

Date Filed: 8/18/99

Date Terminate: 4/12/00

Nature of Suit: FEC: Failure to Enforce Compliance

Plaintiff: John Jay Hooker

Defendants: Federal Election Commission; Janet Reno; Democratic National Committee; Republican National Committee; Albert Gore, Jr.; Pat Buchanan; William Frist; Don Sundquist; Paul Summers; John McCain; Robert Torricelli; Mitch McConnell; Michael Cook; Brice Clagett; Harold E. Ford, Jr.; Warren Beatty; Ralph Nader; Donald Trump; Howard Phillips; George W. Bush; The Libertarian Party; The Constitution Party; The Greens/Green Party USA; American Association of State Green Parties; Reform Party of the United States

“ORDER by Judge Thomas A. Higgins: Pursuant to the notice of dismissal [87-1], the pltf's claims against the deft Donald Trump are dismissed without prejudice. This action shall proceed as to the remaining defts. terminating party Donald Trump (cc: all counsel) EOD 12/13/99 (lah) (Entered: 12/13/1999)”