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RAGEPATH Overview of Cruz v Trump

The plaintiff in this lawsuit sought to block Trump’s candidacy on the grounds that he had secretly converted to Islam, planned to funnel all American money into a slush fund under his personal control, appoint ISIS to the cabinet, indoctrinate school children in the art of gambling, and (icing on the cake) Trump apparently idolizes Biff from Back to the Future.

Case Summary

United States Middle District of Tennessee

Cruz v Trump

Date Filed: 3/11/16

Date Terminated: 1/9/17

Nature of Suit: Civil Rights: Other (Federal Question/Civil Rights Act)

Plaintiff: Rafael Edward Cruz

Defendant: Donald John Trump

“ORDER: The plaintiff has failed to comply with this court's Order of March 15, 2016 (Docket No. 2). It is therefore ORDERED that this case DISMISSED for failure to prosecute under Rule 41(b), FEDERAL RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE. It is so ORDERED.”