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RAGEPATH Overview of Ray v Trump

Trump was sued in October of 2016 by a Texas inmate. The judge hearing the case dismissed it and admonished the plaintiff to stop filing "frivolous civil lawsuits."

Case Summary


Ray v Trump

Date Filed: 10/17/16

Date Terminated: 10/19/16

Nature of Suit: Prisoner Pet/Other: Civil Rights (Fed Question)

Plaintiff: Cary Anthony Ray

Defendants: Donald Trump, Greg Abbot, Rick Perry

“ORDER: Because Plaintiff persists in filing frivolous civil lawsuits, he is instructed that he may not re-file this complaint or any other civil action in this Court without either paying the applicable filing fee or filing an appropriate motion for leave to file accompanied by a proposed complaint and a motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis. The Clerk of Court is ORDERED to docket for administrative purposes only any future civil action by Cary Ray that does not comply with these requirements and immediately close the case after placing a copy of the sanction order in the file, with no other action taken on non-compliant submissions.”