Armand Hammer

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  • November, 1985: Donald Trump attended a fundraising event for United World College hosted by Armand Hammer in Palm Beach. “For those keeping score, it appears that the one couple to be invited to all the major events in Washington and in Florida was National Gallery Director J. Carter Brown and his wife Pamela. They were at the White House, the British Embassy, the Mellons' luncheon and, of course, at the National Gallery dinner last night. They are also on the guest list for wealthy industrialist Armand Hammer's Palm Beach bash tonight. Hammer had three in a row -- the British Embassy, the National Gallery and his own dinner. Some of the others at Hammer's dinner, which is expected to raise $4 million for the United World College movement, are Joe Allbritton, president of Riggs National Bank; former senator Albert Gore; philanthropist David Lloyd Kreeger, Sens. Sam Nunn and Paula Hawkins, developer Donald Trump and CNN owner Ted Turner, as well as entertainers Bob Hope, Eva Gabor and, fresh from her new marriage last week, Joan Collins.” (Washington Post, November 12, 1985) Armand Hammer