Lowell Weicker

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  • Donald Trump called Lowell Weicker a ‘fat slob’ after Weicker described Trump as ‘that dirt bag.’ "The possibility was especially delicious in Connecticut, since Mr. Trump had a boisterous feud with a former Governor, Lowell P. Weicker Jr., who is seriously considering seeking the Reform Party nomination. Back in 1994, when Mr. Trump wanted to build a casino in the state, Governor Weicker referred to Mr. Trump as ‘that dirt bag,’ and Mr. Trump called Governor Weicker ‘a fat slob who couldn't get elected dog catcher.’ […] Mr. Weicker, on the other hand, is pressing ahead with his Reform Party exploration, and said he would make a decision about whether to run in the next few weeks. (New York Times, July 17, 1999)
  • Weicker’s remark was made in response to Congressional testimony that Donald Trump had given that cast racist aspersions on Indian tribes in the casino industry. “Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. offered an apology of sorts for calling the millionaire businessman Donald J. Trump a ‘dirtbag.’ Governor Weicker, who made the remark after Mr. Trump told a Congressional committee recently that Indian casino owners ‘don't look like Indians,’ said he had been angered by what he perceived to be Mr. Trump's bigoted remarks. ‘The United States of America says they are Indians. And I don't need someone to come along and tell me, 'They don't look like Indians and they aren't Indians,'’ Mr. Weicker said. ‘To me that's bigotry.’ He added, ‘I apologize for maybe being tough in the language, but bigotry's tough, too.’” (New York Times, December 5, 1993)
  • Weicker responded to Trump calling him a ‘fat slob’ by retorting ‘I can lose weight a lot faster than a bigot can lose bigotry.’ “Mr. Trump -- told by reporters that Mr. Weicker had called him a ‘dirtbag’ -- retorted Thursday that Mr. Weicker was a ‘fat slob who couldn't get elected dog catcher in Connecticut.’ Mr. Weicker had his own retort Friday: ‘I've got another message for you. I can lose weight a lot faster than a bigot can lose bigotry.’” (New York Times, December 5, 1993)