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  • Donald Trump released an unofficial birth record as part of his campaign to goad President Obama into releasing his own. “Donald Trump released an unofficial ‘birthing record’ documenting his birth hours after accusing President Barack Obama of not producing a birth certificate. A Trump spokesman said the release was an ‘oversight’; an official certificate was released Tuesday.” (Chicago Tribune, March 30, 2011)
  • Donald Trump refused to release transcripts of his own academic history, despite having accused Obama of covering up his own academic history and publicly offering a $5 illion bounty in 2012 to anyone who could publicly release Obama’s academic records. “Trump, who in 2012 offered $5 million for the release of President Obama's college transcript and other documents, said he would not give The Post permission to review his records from the military academy. ‘I'm not letting you look at anything,’ he said. ‘Why would I let you look at my records? You're doing a lousy story.’” (Washington Post, January 10, 2016)