Organized Crime Overview

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Among its thousands of alumni, the 126-year-old New York Military Academy counts the unlikely grouping of Donald J. Trump, Stephen Sondheim and John A. Gotti. Yet all three have this in common: They remember their time at the prep school with deep affection. "It got me away from my mother -- she babied me," said Mr. Gotti, whose father, John J. Gotti, the debonair boss of the Gambino crime family, sent him there to gain structured habits after he was skipping classes. "It made me get out on my own, grow as a man, made me responsible. I couldn't depend on my mother." (New York Times, September 21, 2015)

Cement Contractors

Certainly his dad's connections helped him out. Once when a cement contractor had given Fred Trump a $900,000 bill, he cut a $1 million check, just for the pleasure of handling such a sum, and hand-delivered it to the contractor. That same cement contractor later poured the Trump Tower in Manhattan. (New York Times, January 2, 2000)