Trump Casinos

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California - Coachella Valley - Trump 29 Casino

Connecticut - Bridgeport

Illinois - Chicago

Trump may have pushed to open a casino on the Chicago River.

Indiana - Gary - Buffington Harbor

Indiana - French Lick

Trump withdrew from a contract to open a casino in French Lick.


Trump sued state officials after they denied him a permit to open a riverboat casino.




New Jersey - Atlantic City

Trump Taj Mahal

Marvin Roffman

Trump Castle

Trump Plaza

Trump Marina

Trump Regency

Resorts Buyout Saga

Merv Griffin

Nevada - Las Vegas

New York - New York City

Trump explored the possibility of opening up a casino in New York City.

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia

Trump explored opening a casino in Philadelphia during a flirtation with legalization.

Canada - Ontario - Niagara Falls

Trump once submitted a bid to operate a casino on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

Florida - Pro-Casino Lobbying

New York - Anti-Casino Lobbying

Trump engaged in a major state lobbying push to prevent the legalization of gambling. Legalized gambling in New York would have threatened his New Jersey casinos.

United States

Trump sued the federal government to prevent expanded tribal gaming. Trump was acting to protect his casinos in Atlantic City from competition.

Casino Companies

Trump Entertainment Resorts

Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts Inc