Cathy Heller

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  • Cathy Heller came forward after Trump denied ever forcing himself upon unconsenting women to recount an experience at a 1997 Mother's Day event in Mar-a-Lago where Trump forcibly kissed her. "About 1997, Cathy Heller told the Guardian that she was attending a Mother's Day brunch at Mar-a-Lago when she was introduced to Trump, who she said grabbed her and moved to kiss her on the mouth. She said she leaned back to avoid him, but Trump exclaimed ‘Oh come on,’ and then held her firmly while he kissed her on the side of her mouth for an uncomfortably long moment. A friend told the Guardian that Heller shared the story in 2015. Heller said she has met Clinton and donated to her campaign but came forward after Trump and his supporters insisted that the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape represented only lewd talk. ‘It's action,’ Heller said." (Washington Post, October 18, 2016)
  • Heller recounted how Trump had forced himself upon her in public, while she was seated at a table in a dining room at Mar-a-Lago. “A New York woman has told Britain's The Guardian newspaper that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump grabbed her and kissed her without her consent when she was with her family at a Mother's Day brunch at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach about 20 years ago. […] Heller, now 63, told The Guardian she was with her husband, three children and in-laws at Mar-a-Lago on Mother's Day in about 1997 when Trump made the rounds and stopped by her table. ‘He took my hand, and grabbed me, and went for the lips,’ Heller told The Guardian. She said that when she tried to avoid him, ‘he said, 'Oh, come on.' He was strong. And he grabbed me and went for my mouth and went for my lips.’ She said she turned her head and Trump kissed the side of her mouth. ‘He kept me there for a little too long,’ Heller said in the Guardian story. ‘And then he just walked away.’” (Palm Beach Post, October 16, 2016)
  • Heller's family was engaged in a long-running dispute with Mar-a-Lago in an effort to recover a deposit paid to secure membership at the club. “Heller's husband's family has tried for years to recover initiation fees paid to join Mar-A-Lago, The Guardian said, adding that club rules allow for fees to be refunded in certain cases when a person is no longer a member. The newspaper said Heller has made at least one call to a club manager to recover the fees, which total several thousand dollars. Heller told The Guardian that her Mother's Day encounter with Trump came before that effort.” (Palm Beach Post, October 16, 2016)
  • Trump's campaign spokesman accused Heller of lying but offered no evidence rebutting her charges. “In a statement, Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller called Heller's account ‘false.’ ‘There is no way that something like this would have happened in a public place on Mother's Day at Mr. Trump's resort. It would have been the talk of Palm Beach for the past two decades,’ he said, calling Heller ‘a politically motivated Democratic activist with a legal dispute against this same resort.” (Washington Post, October 18, 2016)