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1st Avenue - Trump World Tower - 845 UN

100 Central Park South

106 Central Park South - Barbizon Hotel/Trump Parc Condos

1290 Avenue of the Americas

161st Street - Queens

167 East 61st St - Trump Plaza

200 E 69th Street - Trump Palace/Parc

200 Park Street - PanAm Building

3rd Avenue & 68th Street - Foundling Hospital

40 Wall Street

5th Avenue - Empire State Building

57th Street - Nike Town

650 Madison Avenue - Trump Castle

721 5th Avenue - Trump Tower

767 5th Avenue - GM Building

Trump Carousel

Columbus Circle Coliseum

Steeplechase Amusement Park

Country Apartments

Hudson Waterfront Associates II LP

Trump Park Avenue

Queens Stadium

Failed attempt by Trump to build a domed stadium in Queens

Riverside Boulevard - Trump Place

St. Bartholomew's

Starrett City

Television City

Trump CPS

Trump Village

Tudor City Parks

Wollman Skating Rink

World Trade Center