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  • 1985: Trump was the unwilling and uncooperative subject of a biography by Jerome Tuccille entitled “Trump.” “‘TRUMP’ By Jerome Tuccille (Donald I. Fine, Inc., New York), 1985, $17.95, 235 pages, available in stock or by order at local bookstores such as B. Dalton and Waldenbooks. […] Author Jerome Tuccille has done an admirable job of gathering information about Trump and artfully organizing it into a lively, fast-paced book that reads like a novel. In the book's ‘acknowledgments’ Tuccille chronicles how he tried many times but failed to get Trump's cooperation in developing this book. It is hard to understand how such a well-written biography could have been done without the subject's help. But Tuccille nevertheless managed to interview most of Trump's close friends and some of his enemies. All are liberally quoted.” (Chicago Tribune, July 13, 1985)
  • 1986: Donald Trump was a minor character in a soft-core paperback novel by Judith Krantz that also prominently featured Trump Tower. “I'LL TAKE MANHATTAN By Judith Krantz. 437 pp. New York: Crown Publishers. $18.95. Judith Krantz sounds tired, or as she might put it: exhausted - supremely, profoundly, uniquely exhausted. Her new novel, ‘I'll Take Manhattan,’ follows the formula she devised for ‘Scruples,’ ‘Princess Daisy’ and ‘Mistral's Daughter’ - lots of rich people, lots of designer clothes and a measured amount of brisk, clinical sex - but by now she seems to be having a hard time convincing even herself that she gives a damn. […] Luckily, the heroine lives in the Trump Tower and does most of her editorial brainstorming in bed, ‘pulling up the white mink throw’ so ‘her knees made a little fur desk.’ […] Not content with ululating over the Trump Tower, Mrs. Krantz brings on Donald Trump himself, ‘the brilliant, ambitious young real-estate man whom even his enemies had to admit was disarmingly unaffected,’ for a chat with Maxi.” (New York Times, May 4, 1986)
  • 1993: A book named “Palm Beach Babylon” accsused Trump of several low-class habits such as eating fried chicken in bed. “Just in case you thought Donald Trump was a classy guy, flip through ‘Palm Beach Babylon’ (Birch Lane Press), by Murray Weiss and Bill Hoffman. It seems The Donald, who called ‘Irises,’ by Vincent Van Gogh, ‘a piece of canvas with some paint on it,’ hung an oil painting of himself in his tennis whites in his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, reused his disposble razors, kept hotel towels in his bathrooms, used plastic ice buckets with ‘Trump Castle’ printed on them and ate fried chicken in bed.” (Chicago Tribune, February 28, 1993)