Conspiracy Theories

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  • 2005: Trump personally attended an event marketing one of his properties that used a “psychic psychiatrist” to entice potential buyers. “Today, some agents don't just show the house, they put on a show. The events, called extreme open houses, can revolve around an appearance by a best-selling author, a garage sale, or a fashion show. At a Manhattan penthouse being sold by Donald Trump, a so-called ‘psychic psychiatrist’ performed what she called ‘energy healings.’ The Donald made an appearance at the invitation-only affair. […] The party-like atmosphere adds flair to a stale property, buzz to a pricey place and puts a tough sell in a new light. ‘It puts energy and attention on to a place,’ said Wendy Sarasohn, a broker who favors the approach, and who organized the Trump event.” (Chicago Tribune, April 10, 2005)
  • 2009: Trump used his blog on the Trump University website to promote a conspiracy theory about the crash of an Airbus, claiming a friend of him who builds handcarts had convinced him that the material used in the Airbus’ construction was unsafe. “Just when you thought that investigators looking into the recent crash of the Air France Rio-Paris flight were sucking wind, Palm Beach's own Donald Trump has figured it all out. The Donald writes on his blog that composite material used for the Airbus' rudders is just no good. How does he know? Trump quotes a friend who owns a hand-cart company. ‘The carts are made of the same composite material as the Airbus 330's vertical stabilizer/rudders ... and he gets about 10 calls each year that detail how a cart will disintegrate with very little physical abuse.’ Oh, we feel much better knowing!” (Palm Beach Post, June 17, 2009)
  • February, 2016: Trump claimed that Barrack Obama bribed New York Attorney General to prompt an investigation into fraud at Trump University. “At times, Trump's claims have seemed calculated to deflect attention away from himself. At a campaign rally in February, Trump insinuated that Obama had bribed New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to launch the investigation against Trump University, the embattled for-profit education business licensing Trump's brand. ‘The attorney general of New York meets with Barack Obama in Syracuse,’ Trump said, according to a transcript by the Huffington Post. ‘The following day he sues me. What they don't say is, I believe, $15,000 or a lot of money was paid to the attorney general by the law firm in California that is suing me.’” (Washington Post, September 16, 2016)

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