Employment Contracts

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  • Trump campaign volunteers were forced to sign employment contracts that contained non-disclosure, non-disparagement, and non-competition clauses that all appeared to violate the United States Constitution and federal labor laws. “If you want to make phone calls on behalf of Donald Trump's presidential bid, you will have to agree to the terms of this contract, posted at the talk.donaldjtrump.com website. It's a very peculiar document. […] Seeking a promise from volunteers not to ‘demean or disparage’ the candidate himself while working ostensibly on his behalf seems reasonable. But not to disparage any member of Trump's family? Or any asset belonging to any Trump company and family member? I seriously doubt those would or could be enforced in a court of law. And the obligation to prevent your employees from demeaning or disparaging a Trump asset??! That is surely not only absurd and unenforceable, it may well constitute abetting a violation of US labor law.” (Washington Post, September 3, 2016)