Public Relations

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Art Subject and Cultural Symbol

  • Artist Dennis Adams constructed a piece of art entitled “Street Vendor’s Kiosk with Image of Donald Trump. “Dennis Adams - Building Against Image 1979-1987 (Alternative Museum, 17 White Street): Dennis Adams is concerned with the mass media as a force that destroys and creates meaning; with the way advertising is used in public places as a commercial and ideological tool, and with the shapes of places like movie theaters and kiosks and their potential for communication. […] In ‘Street Vendor's Kiosk With Image of Donald Trump,’ a large aluminum panel seems to have been inserted through two photopanels of Donald Trump into a devouring black kiosk. Once the kiosk digests the panel, we are left with objects like war toys and cheap transistor radios in which memory has been turned into disfigured, commercial products. Here, too, the idea is compelling, but something important gets lost as the work evolves from stages in which the artist is clearly present to the finished public piece, from which he seems absent.” (New York Times, January 23, 1987)