Roger Schank

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  • Roger Schank, a retired professor from Northwestern University, designed the original curriculum for Trump University. “For $300 a course, students who register at will receive six to eight hours of online instruction in marketing, real estate or entrepreneurship. The university, whose courses are being designed by retired Northwestern University professor Roger Schank, will grant no degrees, and student work will not be graded. […] Aimed at business professionals who want to develop their skills, Trump University features a faculty of experts who have taught at the business schools of Columbia University and Dartmouth College, and Schank, the retired Northwestern professor, is an advocate of the ‘learning by doing’ method of education, which he says Trump University's online courses will emphasize.” (Chicago Tribune, May 24, 2005)
  • Schank's official title was "Chief Learning Officer." “Donald Trump's for-profit (better believe it) college is open for business. For $300 a pop,, an online, nonaccredited education emporium, will offer biz courses and seminars led by noteworthy instructors, including The Donald himself. Its greatest asset? The ‘highest-quality education’ it sells is about doing, not ‘book learning,’ The Donald says. Quoth chief learning officer Roger Schank: ‘The problem with school is that school is a little academic.’ Maybe that's why we call it school?” (Philadelphia Inquirer, May 25, 2005)